The banner for the 3rd Kusogrande
Image: Brossentia

On several week nights and often on weekends, several people gather to one individual’s channel to watch several people race for an hour in the world’s worst games with an often bemused but ever supportive Brossentia calling the action alongside the game master for that group to provide insights on the game’s mechanics (or lack thereof) while keeping those playing the game in the dark. They have to navigate poor design decisions, bad controls and often atrocious music to gain victory over their fellow gamers.

The rules are simple: one hour before the start of the announced match, the game is revealed to the participants: If none of them have played it or have extensive experience with it, then it is accepted and revealed to the world. If they have played it, another game is picked, usually going even further down in quality for having deigned to play some outright atrocious games. Once everyone is ready, the racers start streaming, and everyone starts wondering who in the hell developed and published the turd on their screen right now.

They somehow managed to make it even worse than the original NES one.
Image: Kusogrande

Other than games that aren’t easy to share with others, everything is allowed. Have a jank bootleg of Pocket Monsters for Genesis? That’s in there. A platformer based on the ‘96 World Cup? That was played. Literally every Home Alone game ever made? Yup. If it’s bad and readily available, there’s a good chance it was picked for someone else to suffer through.


Most of the people who participate do so knowing that they’re going to be digging through some of the biggest dumpster fires the gaming world has ever seen. It’s all in good fun, even though sometimes the fun makes them want to rip their eyeballs out or rupture their eardrums. Even among the game masters, there is some competition in that, while they’ll deny it, there’s always the feeling like they’re trying to out-do one another when it comes to dropping bad games on people.

More importantly, I’ve found that it’s a pretty good community. The tournament itself is PG-13, and people are ridiculously nice to each other. The competition, in and of itself, is more an excuse to just chat about terrible games and play them. The amount of shared knowledge about gaming in the community is also extremely high due to having to find and play so many games for so many different consoles.


Texas Instruments Home Computer? Wha-huh?
Image: Kusogrande

As the tournament is currently moving into its bracket phase soonish, I’ll cordially invite you to check out the Kusogrande twitter where all matches will be announced, and enjoy the schadenfreude. I’m no longer participating as I was knocked out in my last match which is why I allowed myself to write this but everyone there deserves your support, and possibly a little pick-me-up if they have to play Urban Yeti again ‘cause that was outright cruel.


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