We often talk about people who played games to the detriment of their health - Whether it be the man who died after a 24 hours livestream, the streamer who inspired Twitch’s ResidentSleeper emote, or one of the many cases of deaths in Korean PC Baangs, all of these inevitably will make a measure of headlines in the gaming world. Last night, such a feat of endurance has finally concluded in a positive manner, as notorious Dragon Quest lover and speedrunner Highspirits vanquished his insane challenge of completing Dragon Quests 1 through 9 in a single sitting.

This was not the first time Highspirits had attempted this challenge, and he knew fully well the dangers to his health to do so. In fact, his first attempt two years prior ended at the constant pleading of chat for him to stop as well as his closest friends on voice chat.

Still, he learned from that attempt, did some changes (Instead of doing the games in order, he’d do them in a different order to try and minimize RNG) and gave it a second go later down the line.

That one he mercy killed since he’d kept one of the longer Dragon Quests for last, and RNG had not been kind throughout the marathon. He knew fully well that the expected time had shot towards the hundred hour mark, and knew that such a length was way too damn much. It was a good attempt, but ultimately failed.


Highspirits knew he wanted another shot at it - However, he warned it would be the last time that the challenge would be done in this manner (The challenge is for first English releases - If he does it again, it will be with fastest non-manipulated English releases, meaning 3DS for DQ8, GBC for DQ1-2, and so on). Since he’s now relying on stream money for part of his income, he’d do it after a certain amount of money was donated. Naturally, the allure of bringing back one of the most grueling challenges ever conceived brought the bucks in and eventually he had to prepare for another one.

Due to his personal tastes when it comes to speedrunning, he opted against learning manipulations for the first four games. A cursory glance at the times he posted, manipulations for these would have saved him at least 10 hours. The order for the games would be fairly simple. Dragon Quest 1-4 in their actual order, and Dragon Quest 5-9 in reverse order (that is, starting with 9 and ending with 5).


Having followed him for a while and other DQ speedrunners as well, I was worried that placing two games that require clock manipulation for the casino at the tail end of the marathon would end up being disastrous. Another thing was Dragon Quest 7 as the 7th game was also a choice I felt could be a problem - It’s a grueling speedrun, enough that Highspirits is the only one in the English speaking world who actually has a time posted for it on Speedrun.com.

87 hours in, still thumbin’ up.
Photo: Highspirits (Highspirits’ Channel)


I was impressed with the RPG speedrun community with how they treated this. Everyone came in to celebrate the attempt, they were supportive, they wanted him to finally complete this impossible challenge. Hell, even his mom had been texting him throughout the marathon in support as we later found out. Other community members joined him on Discord to keep his spirits up (pun intended). It was a nice thing to see considering what typically goes on in the gaming world when it comes to support.

After all that, he sent all of his viewers to raid one of his friends’ channel with a simple message which will also end this post:

“Dragons Quested. Easy game.”