Gaming Pet Peeves: Lack of Visual Fidelity

Nope, no damage.
Screenshot: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

I was playing FFXIV, as you do, and then I ended up unlocking Mirage Dive on my Dragoon. All right, extra damage at no cost is always something good and it makes it so the jumps themselves aren’t completely useless! Cool.

Then I saw the animation and when damage was applied.

I was not happy. It applies the damage as soon as you hit the button which is very beneficial as far as mechanics are concerned, especially for a class that suffers from massive animation locks, but there is something jarring from seeing an energy dragon dive onto an enemy but the damage’s already been done, so it just makes a pretty explosion for no reason.

Ability hasn’t even started and you see the damage. What.
Screenshot: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

I don’t know why it gets me this much. I can understand some hitbox/hurtbox dissonance, even if the hitbox in question would be rightfully qualified as “horseshit” but when it comes to damage applications not matching up the hits, it just drives me up the wall.


Even though I play it (more often now because Heaven-on-High is out!) FFXIV is filled with these examples: MNK has Demolish, which is a flurry of blows that result in one hit that grants a DoT. The only ones I believe who have proper damage display are BRD and MCH, and that is essentially because of their reliance on ranged attacks.

Still, you can’t fault a MMO for doing so - They tend to need to give good numbers, and while the thematic would be cool if they actually matched the damage to the hits, many would just complain that the abilities now did less damage thanks to perception.


If this happened only in MMOs or RPGs I could probably brush it off, but when I see Injustice 2 supers (which, granted, are rarely used in competitive play) that are just a pretty animation where they attempt to match the damage to the hits but often fail, I just mentally check out.

That’s why it’s a pet peeve and not something I’d pan a game for unless it’s done in excess. Does this get to you as much as it does me? Am I some sort of perpetually annoyed algorhythm in search of the next thing to shake a stick in anger at? You decide!

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