Wall? What wall?
Screenshot: Dark Souls Remastered

You just picked up the latest installment in your favorite video game series of choice. It never really changes from time immemorial and then, the unthinkable. It has changed.

Who dared? (Obviously, the developers, who thought it was a good change of pace but the question will be in the back of your mind)

Here, I’m not talking about a major mechanics change. While I did not like the stance system in Yakuza 0 early on, vastly preferring the unique stance per character of the earlier titles, it was a nice way to integrate different playstyles in games where multiple protagonists would not be a thing, or at least where they wanted to not have 4 protgonists.

No, I’m talking about very little changes that, somehow, becomes incredibly irritating. Such as the title picture, which was the change to hidden doors in Dark Souls 2.


This is not the result of a punch, obviously.
Screenshot: Dark Souls 2 : Scholar of the First Sin

To give context - In Dark Souls 1, to reveal hidden pathways, you would need to strike the area where you suspected was a hidden path. In Dark Souls 2, however, you need to examine the area where you suspect there is a hidden path (there are other ways, as the Pharos’ Lockstones barred paths will need to be struck as opposed to interacted with). As is tradition in Dark Souls, no one informs you of this change. It changes absolutely nothing in the gameplay of the title, it’s merely an irritating change because someone at From decided that new land, new way to unlock hidden paths.


Another Dark Souls example. Jumping, which was detailed in the manual (really, who reads those in 2018. Rather, who includes those in 2018!?) as being a tap of the run button while running. Simple, right? They changed it in Dark Souls 2 - It’s now R3. You can change it back, but you’ll probably be doing that after you died once to such a death.

(You might think I’m a bit too harsh on Dark Souls - You would be right as I’ve been playing the series one after the other so its example stick out in my mind a lot.)


However, nothing irritated me more as a youngster than playing Street Fighter Alpha 2 going to Alpha 3 and trying to throw. For those of you who don’t know, in Alpha 2 you can throw the opponent using, in close range, the forward/backward + Medium/Heavy Punch or Kick, usually changing the animation depending on whether punch or kick was pressed. In Alpha 3, however, they changed this to forward and 2 Punches or backward and 2 Kicks. This was a huge change, and me without an arcade, playing my buddies on the Playstation, that threw me off massively.

And yet, that’s such a small thing in the grand order of changes from Alpha 2 to Alpha 3 that, today, it’s nothing. I was irrationally angry about it back then though.


Interestingly enough, Falcom’s Trails in the Sky avoids this throughout the three games, with the minor changes being explained with actual game lore, which somehow does not trigger irrational anger as much. Perhaps it’s because they told us prior? Most likely.

What about you? Anything in a game series that they changed, no matter how minor, that just pissed you off?