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Playlog: I Broke Destiny 2

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After learning how the game works, I decided to re-roll my Titan so I wouldn’t sacrifice my free Exotics like I did on my first character. Like an idiot.


Apparently the game doesn’t like it if you go too fast, as can be seen here:

Yup, have to abandon and re-do the quest because I went too fast.

I don’t want to blame anyone on this - It’s honestly a fairly common bug. However, Destiny 2 having been released for a while, I’m surprised this is still in the game. Usually this gets found way earlier.


Other than that, the playing is going well, just leveling all classes so far, and... yeah. That’s pretty much it. The game’s good, perhaps because I had very low expectations going in. I’m mostly interested in their leveling system. Sure, they tacked on another 10 levels at some point, which is kind of sad, but it reminds me of DCUO in that the journey to max level is not lengthy, and it’s what you do once you attain it that matters.

Without the historical context of the game, I can’t exactly speak at length of why people left the game in droves, but maybe they’re back on the right track? I don’t know.


Until next time, I’m Hatman.

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