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SixTAY Days of Writing - Wrap-Up

We did it y’all. Here’s the silliest game related pic I have on my PC.
We did it y’all. Here’s the silliest game related pic I have on my PC.
Screenshot: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Yesterday marked the end of an event two months in the making. Several of us did it, others did not. 60 posts in 60 days, no breaks. It’s hard man. However, that’s the life of your typical journalist. Gotta keep writing. Sometimes, you won’t have to post on a couple of days, but that’s because you’re working on a story and need more time to develop.


Still, I started this when I wandered onto TAY for a bit at the right moment. I’m currently on unemployment, so I had lots of free time. I figured, hey, maybe this’ll give me the impetus to do some more writing. It kind of has, but it also hasn’t - My own fiction writing has definitely suffered from putting all of the limited attention span and creative energy I have into this project. It’s allowed me to understand a lot more about internet writing through the constant work so I’m not regretting doing this one bit. Plus, where else could I get away with calling FFXIV’s story bad, when it’s lauded as one of the best things about the game.

TAY’s nice in that it democratizes the platform. TAY has problems in that it drowns out everything that isn’t in your niche interests and by golly do I have some niche interests: Old Japanese games that never got translated, exploring different Gacha games, talking about QA, pinball and the odd political post.


Thanks to everyone who read my stuff, thanks to everyone who commented, thanks to Sulfy for sharing most of my stuff because I don’t have authorship so I gotta post on TAYClassic.

Speaking of, here’s some stats to close this out:

  • Out of 60 posts, all but 2 were shared to the overall TAYverse: An admittedly bad Steam callout and the FF5 Four Job Fiesta classes ranking, a bad post I put up because I couldn’t do it proper on that day (I was going to a New Negroes comedy show which was fantastic).
  • Out of 60 posts, 11 were about Pinball Arcade. That’s a lot of balls!
  • Out of 60 posts, my most commented on article was the All Games Are Political one, and then the FFXIV post caught up after being shared with the community at large.

Anyhoo, I’ll probably still post some stuff around here, just not as often, and hopefully more researched. Who am I kidding, I’ll be tossing out a shitpost on Dark Souls 2 as soon as I finish it. Y’all know me at this point.

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