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Speedrunning marathons you might not be aware of

Power Up With Pride benefiting the Trevor Project, 2018
Power Up With Pride benefiting the Trevor Project, 2018
Screenshot: Power Up With Pride

At this point, it would be rare to find a person who follows gaming in general to not be aware of the Games Done Quick marathons. Those, however, are not the only speedrunning marathons that exist. Here’s a list of a few to keep on your radar or to catch up on if you missed them.


Power Up With Pride

Happening twice a year, same as the GDQs, Power Up With Pride seeks to play games as fast as possible for the benefit of LGBTQ+ organizations. Why am I talking about this one first? Because it’s going on... RIGHT NOW! (Also, in December)

RPG Limit Break

Started as the follow-up to Crystals For Life, this speedrunning marathon concentrates specifically on RPGs to raise money for the benefit of NAMI. They have recently finished their 2018 edition with a total of $164,364. This marathon usually happens in May, and the channel often grants its considerable follow count and viewspace to smaller events in the community, such as the FF Relay Race, the BoF Relay Race, specific series marathons (Such as the upcoming SaGa 2018), various tournament finals, and other events.


Website: RPG Limit Break
Twitch: RPG Limit Break’s Twitch channel


A yearly event in April coming to you from the West Coast to benefit charities like Charity : Water and Direct Relief (two years in a row, including this year). More of a generalist marathon, but it’s only during the weekend, and you’ll usually see the same assortment of friendly faces you’d see at other marathons as well as some lesser known runners who are still experts at their craft.


Twitter: @CalithonSR
Twitch: Calithon’s Twitch

The Really Really Long-a-thon

While this may never re-occur again, this still warrants a look as this was organized in order to record a Baten Kaitos 100% speedrun to completion, a feat that takes TWO WEEKS to accomplish. The fact that this happened is great, and I hope we get to see more as usually lengthy games do not get into speedrunning marathons.


Start of the Really Really Long-a-thon

Questing for Glory

A speedrunning marathon borne of Highspirits (he of the Dragon Quest 1 through 9 attempts) to showcase RPGs and, well, just having fun! This will likely return this year. Last year, it allowed games that hadn’t proven themselves into marathons yet and a few were featured into this year’s Limit Break. RPG Limit Break agreed to host this last year and I hope they do so this year if it comes back.


Start of Questing for Glory


(Full disclosure: I ran a game at the very first Speedyfists)
Fighting games are typically not the type of games you would think about speedrunning, yet a community arose to do exactly that. From Street Fighter to Shaq-Fu, the goal is always to beat these games as fast as possible, abusing as many tricks as possible to do so. While they did not raise money for charity before, they are doing so now by partnering with the St. Jude Hospital. This will be happening this year on Sept. 8th or 9th.


Twitter: @Speedyfists_
Twitch: Speedyfists’ Twitch 

Bear in mind, this is but a very small sample of what’s out there, so if you’ve got more that you think needs more eyeballs, why not link ‘em up in the comments? I probably forgot about a few I wanted to talk about as well!

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