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The Big Bad Game-a-thon Just Released Their Games List

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I swear I’m not JUST talking about it because I got a game in. This is legitimately an event that was a blast last year and this year’s game list is definitely a strong one - From classic bad games like Arabian Nights (featured at AGDQ this year) to some powerful trash such as Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


In case genuinely bad games do not strike your fancy, they even have some 1cc runs of games like PuLiRuLa (which is a good game) and Knuckle Bash (which is... a less good game, but still better than a lot of what they have running.) No matter what your idea of trash is, there is a game there that you will unironically enjoy watching someone tear through in record time, if only for revenge purposes.

You can see the games list here - The event is on the weekend of Sept. 14.

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