Hitting up flea markets and pawn shops for the elusive video game gem that you desperately need to fill a void in your life that will expand forever more, regardless of your actions.

Ain’t nothin’ like it.

Here’s the deal - Lately I’ve been meaning to play some of Capcom’s PS2 releases (and some other jank from back in the day) and I kind of want to play them on console. I have a working PS2, but if I ever decide to speedrun them, I’m going to need a 90k so that’s another expense. I’m also going to need some Male to Male Component cables to stream the whole deal but that’s neither here nor there.


So I’ve hit up 3 pawn shops in 2 days, as well as likely heading to the flea market tomorrow to see if there’s anything in the following list I want. Why don’t I go online? Silly person, Canadian shipping is horseshit and must be avoided whenever possible.

Crimson Tears (PS2, Capcom)

The holy grail of shit tier Capcom releases of this era (next to Shadow of Rome, but I already have that), a Spike original that tasks 3 androids to raise hell in Tokyo up until they find their father figure, all the while crafting weapons throughout. It’s a very forgettable game, but I kind of want to find it and play it so I can give it a proper finish. Who knows, it might even redeem itself if I try and uncover its mechanics.

Crimson Sea 2 (PS2, KOEI)


Sequel to Crimson Sea, a game that was never published on PS2 (it was a Xbox exclusive in North America), it is a sci-fi shootathon made by the people who gave us Dynasty Warriors. It’s incredibly fun and weird and something I’d want to add to my collection of jank. If you don’t believe I have a collection of jank, I’ll have you know I own a perfectly legitimate copy of Last Rebellion and leave it at that.

Def Jam : Fight For New York (PS2/Xbox/Gamecube, EA Canada/AKI Corp.)


This one shouldn’t be hard to find and yet... it’s been eluding me for quite some time. You’d think that a video game where you beat up Sean Paul wouldn’t be that popular, yet here we are. It is, after all, the best video game ever made that has both Henry Rollins and Snoop Dogg as part of the cast so I understand the mainstream appeal. Still, this one’s eluding me again and again and it’s startin’ to piss me off enough I wanna pull a Blazin’ move on someone’s ass.

Tecmo Cup Soccer Game (NES)


Not the first time I talk about this, and it’s probably not going to be the last. The game that defined my childhood. I must have rented this way too many times trying to beat the world. Meme game, historical game, great game... Impossible to find game. Carts of it have been known to go up to 50$ on eBay but seeing as nobody really wants this game I’m hoping to land onto a store that’ll sell it to me on the cheap.

A 90k-series PS2

Hey, I wanna go fast, I got my needs.

Anything on your lists? Preference for online vs. offline shopping? If so why? Hit me up in the comments, let’s have a discussion.


Update: 9:41 PM -I got the 90k PS2 for 50 CDN, which is pretty much a steal for that kind of thing. Kinda happy about that one.

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