What is up folks - I am usually known as Hatman on many, MANY platforms, usually with an epithet depicting the website I am on, or as a stupid pun. I’m not the only one with that name, but eh, it stuck with me eventually.

Things I write can touch on a large variety of subjects. From gacha gaming to fighting games, old forgotten arcade games and less forgotten games we never could play in North America.

I also worked as a QA analyst for an outsourcing company with a few years as a Senior QA Analyst. I “hide” my real name, but I have likely been credited in one game you have played from 2013-2016. I’ve written articles about my experiences in the industry.

Always open to criticism so don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the post comments, or on social media, or whatever.

I stream, sometimes - I speedrun Cyber Knight, a game I have written an article about here, from time to time (I’m currently finishing up a casual/routing playthrough), I do 1cc challenges that you can vote on and I do Saturday Morning Yakuza, a completionist playthrough of every Yakuza game that came out in NA that I can ACTUALLY stream every... Saturday Morning. That’s on Twitch on the StreamHatman channel.

You can find me on Twitter for dumb quick takes and stream scheduling (AT)TwitHatman